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| Upgraded Vegan Macaroni & "Cheese" |

1 Box - Annie's Vegan Mac

*1 Box - Noodles

1 Tablespoon - Tofutti Vegan "Sour Cream"

3 Tablespoons - Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Add To Your Taste - Montreal Steak Seasoning

Add To Your Taste - Black Pepper

Add To Your Taste - Garlic Powder

*Pro Tip: Switch the traditional macaroni noodles that come in the box and go for spiral noodles, shells or protein noodles to mix it up! Instead of using a vegan milk with the vegan "cheese" powder (included in Annie's Vegan Mac box), use a vegan sour cream and a butter alternative to avoid the sweetness or nutty flavor from almond and oak milks.

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